iPhone vs Samsung. And nothing else matters!

With the risk of making a lot of iPhone and Samsung enthusiasts angry, the story goes like this:

A few days ago, I have attended a little boy’s birthday party. He turned 12. Being surrounded by enthusiastic young kids, I have relieved some of my childhood memories. Looking back over those years, I have come to the following conclusion: children this age are at that time of their lives when they have little stress, less problems and no fear of what’s to come than any other period of a person’s life.

Boy was I wrong! When the birthday boy’s family handed him their present, I was shocked to hear this: “What did you do wrong that you did not get an iPhone X?”.

iPhone vs Samsung

This question was addressed to the 12 YO by one of his classmates. At first, I thought this was a meaningless joke. Then, another striking statement was made: “You could have at least gotten an iPhone 6. Or a Samsung!”. The birthday boy flushed and quickly changed the subject.

Without getting into any topics on how “the World is coming to an end” I will point out the obvious: nowadays, the young generation shows great interest in owning either an iPhone or a Samsung. “And nothing else matters!”. Of course, when referring to these two brands, one must consider the latest versions.


But how much does this influence the so called “perceived social status” and the self-esteem of teenagers (or kids by this matter!)? Well, given the times we live in, I believe the results may be significant not only at a personal, but also at a social level.

People identify with brands.  The brands they choose become an indicator of their values, personality and social status. It is not difficult to differentiate between an iPhone and a Samsung enthusiast.

Brand owners also show pride in their choice and they take every opportunity to show it.  The same principle applies when choosing between Starbucks and Costa Coffee. You can see this all over social media.

Starbucks coffee

Nevertheless, it is not enough to discuss this topic referring only to individuals. When choosing a brand, people also feel like they belong to a certain group. It is not only a reinforcement of their choice, but they also have the opportunity to share their enthusiasm about the brand.

To sum up, people may be divided into 3 categories: the ones who prefer iPhones, the ones who do not and choose to own a Samsung, and “the others” (who are usually not worth mentioning). Hence, depending on the type of phone you own, you may be either a SOMEBODY or a NOBODY.

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