Thank God the lumberjacks’ season is almost over!

Lumberjacks – you have been seeing them all over in the last 2-3 years. At the local bar, on the street, at the university, at the library, literally everywhere! They are your colleagues, your friends, your family members. And no, I am not talking about the ones who actually make a living out of cutting trees. I am talking about the ones who look like one, but who have never held an axe in their hands their whole lives or learn how to use it properly, according to people from my generation.

In the fashion world, these people are called hipsters. In my world, they are the “lumberjacks” – individuals who are nothing more than the fashion victims of their generation.

I am sure millions of people have had this conversation:

“You are not going out looking out like that! Have you seen yourself in the mirror?”

“But mom, this is how people dress up these days!”

I will not argue about how ridiculous it is to go out looking (or trying to look) like every other person around you. Instead, I will talk about how once in a while, fashion trends change, leaving us with nothing but lot of laughs and regrets when looking back in time and realizing that we were nothing less than part of the flock.

Every time-period had a specific fashion trend. These time periods may be defined by a specific way people use to dress up, cut their hair, put their makeup on and behave. Take the 70s, 80s and 90s for example. Remember the times when hair mullets were in trend? It took forever to get out of style! What a time to be alive!

What’s interesting is that lately, fashion trends seem to have a shorter lifetime. Moreover, they are more virulent and have a greater impact over the young generations. By now, we have come to the point where we have fewer and fewer options when it comes to new fashion styles. Hence, some of them even got back after a while. Take bell-bottoms for example. When I was a teenager, I asked my mom to buy me a pair. “Why do you need those for? You already have enough pants to dress up the whole neighborhood!” I told her that they were in style and that I wanted to look cool, just like the all my friends at school. After all, “We’re not in the 20s anymore! Jeesus!”.

My reality has literally turned upside down when she showed me a picture of her and my dad wearing bell-bottoms. Asking myself “How can that be?”, I later found out that this trend was back.  I was seriously confused! All I wanted was to keep up with trends and to look cool, unlike the older generations. As it turned out, I became as cool as my mother was when she was my age. Grose, but true!

What’s next when it comes to fashion trends?

Hence, with fashion styles coming back from time to time, I can’t but keep wondering: are we already out of new fashion styles? If so, what’s to come? Well, I guess we will just be NORMAL!

Now, I can almost hear the internal screaming (or worse) of every “fashionista” who may be reading this article. Don’t worry, fashion enthusiasts, such a scenario will never come true (unless it’s banned by law). Why? Well, because it’s in our nature to seek to differentiate ourselves from other generations, to feel special and unique, to show progress. This is the main reason why no fashion style was “good enough” to stick so far or the reason why the styles that came back did not last long. It seems like the perfect loop, doesn’t it?

In conclusion, when it comes to fashion trends, the story never ends. Fashion trends will never get “out of style”! However, history shows that it will always leave victims behind. How many of you have already seen one when looking at an old picture? Better yet, will any of you get to see one when looking in the mirror? Only time will tell…

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