The perfect wedding

What will you have? THE WEDDING or just another wedding?

Millions of couples get married every year. On average, a person attends 1-2 weddings within a year. It’s an event where family, friends and other loved ones get together to celebrate one of the most significant moments in a couple’s life. However, as important as it may be, most of the times, it’s the same old story: a white dress, a standard table setting and lots of food. Also, it all comes to this: it HAS to be special. But what makes a wedding special? To whom has it to be special for? The bride and groom? The guests?

Beautiful wedding setting

We believe that the secret to having a perfect wedding lies in the experiences that can create great memories. Now… how can we create these experiences?  Well, it’s not only the big, but also the small things that matter. Here are several suggestions to make your special day a truly memorable one not only for you, but also for your guests:

1. Choose a theme

Whether it is a traditional or modern wedding, choosing a theme is a definite MUST. However, do be careful when making your decision. You don’t want to shock your guests by showing up dressed in a steam punk wedding dress or suit that clearly does not fit style and personality.

Wedding theme

2. Greet your guests in front of a wall covered in flowers

This will make a great background for your wedding photos. Also, who wouldn’t look more glamorous when surrounded by beautiful flowers?

3. If you choose to have a traditional wedding, greet your guests with live harp music

There’s nothing more wonderful than greeting you guests while a harpist plays music in the background. This is a perfect example of how to make magical moments happen.

Golden harp

4. Have a collage with pictures of you, from when you were little, until the present

Showing your loved ones how your life was as an individual and how your life is as a couple will definitely be a touching moment.

Tip: choose photos that captured significant events alongside your loved ones. This will not only bring old photos and memories to life, but will also show that they are a part of your life and that they matter to you.

5. Have a guest book

Choose to have a guestbook where people can write their thoughts about and wishes for the newlywed couple. Whether it will be on digital or paper format, it will make a great memory for you and your partner over the years. For sure, you’ll thank us later!

Wedding guesbook

6. Have a photo booth

Nowadays, having a photo booth has become a must. Not only it is cost-effective, but it is also entertaining for your guests.

Tip: if you have a theme for your wedding (WHICH WE HOPE YOU DO!), make sure that the background in the photo matches the theme.

7. Treat the gentlemen with cigars

It is not every day when gentlemen find the place or the time to smoke a cigar in the company of others. So why not provide your guests with the opportunity to enjoy a good cigar? This will give the event a classy “look and feel” and will prove your guests that you went out of your way to offer them an exquisite experience.

Reminder: if you choose to offer cigars to your guests, have whisky on the rocks in your drinks menu.

Whisky and cigars

8. Transform your food & drink menus into a paper fan

We call it… “luxurious ingenuity”. Not only it is a multi-purpose tool, but it is also chic and original.

9. Personalize your napkins

Personalizing your napkins shows not only great attention to detail but gives a personal touch to one of the most indispensable items at a wedding.

Tip: A time and cost-efficient way to personalize your napkins is to use a stamp, embossed with your initials. Please consider using an ink that may not harm anyone’s health.

10. Have a smoothie bar

Smoothies are the perfect fresh and healthy treats not only for adults, but also for children. Hence, do say YES to a smoothie bar especially if your wedding takes place in mid-summer or fall.

Tip: do not get discouraged if several fruits are off season. Banana, Chai and Chocolate Banana smoothies are on season all year round!

Smoothie bar

11. Have a caricaturist

How much fun would that be? Fun enough to make people stand in line to get a portrait! However, keep in mind that it takes the artist about 30-45 minutes to finalize his artwork. So, unless you are willing to hire some more artists, consider that only 9-10 guests will get to go home with a portrait.

12. Hire kids entertainers

This is a two-in-one trick. On the one hand, kids will definitely have fun. Why not consider their happiness as well? On the other hand, it benefits the parents. It gives them the opportunity to take a break from “being the 24 hours mom/dad” and to do “adult stuff”, even though just for a moment.

13. Serve dried fruits

Another trendy and healthy treat for your guests. Ow… and they’re also delicious!

Tip: make sure that your guests know that the dried fruits are edible and not for decoration purposes. Otherwise, guests will end up not eating them or worse, wondering why aunt Lilly is eating the décor!

Dried fruits

14. Serve a personalized cocktail

A personalized cocktail is a great opportunity for your guests to enjoy a new flavor. Surprise them with an alcohol-based delight!

Suggestion: find a way to send the cocktail recipe to your guests, so they can enjoy the cocktail at home. The perfect way to relive the moments at your wedding!

15. Have a champagne cascade

Although very common, champagne cascades will always be glamorous and will create euphoria amongst guests. A genuine “Great Gatsby moment”.

16. Have vases with floating candles

Aren’t you tired of the classic table flower arrangements? We sure are! Then choose having floating candles in a transparent vase instead of flowers.

Tip: for a remarkable extrasensory experience, choose scented candles.

Floating candle

17. Give them flip flops!

Well… It goes like this: high heels (or not), a little bit of alcohol (or more), tired feet, refusing to dance until the end of the night or worse, shoeless dancing. So, what do we do to avoid this? We give our guests brand new, cheap but veeery needed flip flops! Again, you’ll thank me later!

Tip: consider having all sizes and choose flip flops that may go with anything (preferably black).

Flip Flops18. Keep mosquitos away

Mosquitos are one of the reasons why we hate outdoor parties. How can you solve this problem? Give mosquito repellent bracelets to our guests. Too many mosquitos? Use plan B: mosquito repellent spray.

19. Lotto tickets as wedding testimonies

Make things more interesting! Choose to have lotto tickets as wedding testimonies. This way, you may make someone really happy and even influence their lives. How’s that for a great memory?

20. Have a shocking and funny moment

We have all seen those funny videos with wedding cakes being destroyed by clumsy waiters. Why not make it on purpose to entertain your guests? For this “stunt” use a cheaper version of a wedding cake. Bring the real cake immediately after, to surprise your guests and let them know that there will be cake after all.

Wedding cake

So, what’s it gonna be? Will you have just another wedding or THE WEDDING? Well, it’s all up to you! Good luck!

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